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Travel Safety

- disaster preparedness

What is the most important when traveling? To come back alive.


Your staff are probably well aware what to do if there is a fire but what happens when they are traveling and suddenly there is an earthquake or flash flood? What should they do?


This course builds your staffs risk awareness and capacities on how to understand disaster risks, prepare for these risks and behave during a disaster and afterwards. 

Concrete and simple recommendations of what items to bring, what to think about before, during and after and most important how to act!

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Gender mainstreaming disaster risk reduction

Women, girls and boys are  disproportionally affected  by disasters.

Yet they are often not included in disaster management, due to underlying gender norms, or lack of understanding of their capacities and gendered needs.

This course adress gender and disasters and how to integrate gender aware perspective into every tool that we use in disaster risk reduction projects. What is hindering women and girls participation and what do we need to do before any step?  How to use the common gender tools to increase gender equality!

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resilience in projects

Disasters crosscuts any thematic sector and interrupts all activities.

By integrating risk analysis towards disaster and climate change in all projects it creates stronger resilience towards shocks and stresses and thus better sustainability.

This course will build your staffs understanding of risk analysis, mitigating and preparing for risks. Impacts of climate change and how to adapt to the risks. 

What tools to used and adapted, cases and examples. We adapt to fit the end receivers need and level.


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