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We are experts in disaster risk management, gender, climate change adaptation and education in emergencies. We have worked with humanitarian and development aid for more than 20+ years in various regions all over the world for international civil society organizations, UN and government agencies.

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Our areas of expertise are:


risk reduction

Education in emergencies

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Gröna löv

Climate change adaptation

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New book

What is the most important when traveling? 

To come back alive. 

This book, currently only available in Swedish, will filled with advice on how to act in dangerous conflict environment for anyone who travels to these areas such as aid workers, journalists, business owners or government staff. 

The examples are based on many years of experience from the writers who has worked abroad in these environments. You get specific advice on how to dress, survive a flood, how to protect sensitive information and sources etc. 

But most of all it will provide you with an understanding of what are risks -both human and nature induced. 

No book can ensure that you to come back alive but after reading this one then your chances would have improved a lot.