Technical och strategic advisory 

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Technical support

We help you integrate disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation, mainstream gender etc. into existing projects.


Our technical support stretches from project ideas, development of logical framework and writing proposal to  support staff with capacity building to project base or endlines. 

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Project development

Are there new funding opportunity or available and no technical staff available? 

Or are your organization interested in expanding  into a new thematic area?

Use us!


We can help your company or organization to develop project proposals, budgeting and capacity building needs. With +20 years of experience we know how to write clear and concise winning applications that are realistic. 

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Development of strategies 

Stuck in old thinking? Do you know where you would like to be but not how to get there?

We take in your staffs ideas, listen to what is said and analyze of what is not said, provide concrete advice and ideas to paths forward. We create a strategy that is adapted to your needs and capacities.

Conflict sensitive


Image by Sandy Millar